Your surgeon’s office has provided you with a list of instructions that will help prepare you for your visit with us.

    • Your surgeon’s office will provide you with your scheduled time of arrival.
    • Please make sure you coordinate your dates and times with their office.
  • Please be aware, as with any surgery facility, your time may be subject to change.
  • We do everything we can to stay on schedule but situations may occur which make us run early or late.
  • We will do our best to keep you informed.
  • You will be here approximately 2 hours the day of surgery. That time may change depending on how the surgical day is going.
  • Please DO NOT wear jewelry or bring valuables with you to surgery.
  • 8 hours prior to your surgery time, DO NOT eat anything including gum, hard candies, or mints .
  • Up until 2 hours before your scheduled surgery time, patients are allowed to drink clear fluids (black coffee, ginger ale, pulp free apple juice, or water).
  • Patients who have not followed the food and drink recommendations are most likely to experience postponement or cancellation of their surgery.
  • Follow your Doctor’s orders regarding which medications to take the day of surgery.
  • Please have a responsible adult drive you to our surgery center and come in with you.
    • We prefer your driver stay in the waiting room while you are having surgery, but if they must leave we will tell them the time to return to pick you up.
  • If you have been sedated, you will need a responsible adult to stay with you awhile after surgery.
    • If you cannot have someone stay with you after surgery just let us know and we will adjust our plan.
  • Due to unforeseen events in the operating room schedule, changes may be necessary to the patients scheduled time of arrival on the actual surgery day.
  • The day of surgery, we will go over discharge instructions with you and will also give you written instructions for you to take home.


  • Bring your Photo ID and your Insurance Card
  • You may have been asked to complete forms to bring with you. If so, please bring them. You also can download the Patient History Form here.